UPDATE 1 Dec 20123: Just getting site up and running.... Fics will be back soon!

To access this site, you must agree to NOT ARCHIVE any material found on it. We have everything backed up and will have someone address distribution if anything happens to us (eg death). We've been through a lot of trauma these past several years and ask that our readers please respect our wishes and not add additional upset to an already very difficult and traumatic period in our lives...especially as some the material that will be here is original, based on personal experiences and/or a work in progress. Copying the original and personal material violates our copyright. It also is disrespectful to other fans because when you copying WIPs to other archives, that means that other readers may not know where to find the latest updates, and they may loose out on the latest news or update.

If you wish to download a copy for yourself to read offline, or send a private copy by email to a friend in a country that cannot access the site, such single use copies are OK. We just do not want this on any archive sites, fandom run, internet-museums, or otherwise. Please also note- WE DO NOT WARN for each individual fic. Most of the fics on this site deal some disturbing and adult subjects. It would be impossible to warn for everything people might be triggered or squicked by. If something is an absolute no-go for you, please ask fellow fen, or even drop us a line to ask about your specific concern(s).

If you understand and agree with the above, you may access the fanwork by going through the password lock...

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TERMS OF SERVICE - by accessing this site you have agreed NOT TO ARCHIVE any material from it to any other website, dropbox, archive or similar service. You may make a single personal copy for offline reading.

We thank everyone for waiting all this time- the past several years have been horrific and came to a tipping point recently. Laura the Auror / AurorLaura has been so kind to set up a GoFundMe as we have lost almost everything - house, belongings, even our service dogs. You can read more what happened in Alchemia's Journal..... A big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped, and everyone who wishes they could but understandably cannot in today's economy. Things are still very raw, but I will eventually write about it when the time is right, for recovery and to inform people not just why the delay was so long, but that it was so long due to an unfortunate, and undertalked about reality in the ?developed world'. Keep an eye on our DW journals linked below!

I also hope to start doing art commissions and sales again, but that too will take time, as with healing from the trauma, everything else seems to be more difficult and take longer to do. I hope that those of you who donated will be able to find something amonst the things I start to make to sell or commission that you would like as a gift. I have yet to work out the details, but will contact you when I have.

Fanwork will be up soon!

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